Searching for useful information on the web seems to be so easy a task. But do you know what exactly works for your search? Let’s talk about Google. Google search engine uses a Google algorithm, termed as PageRank that is used to rank pages in its search results. “Page” signifies the name of the co-founder Larry Page. PageRank is used to measure the website’s relevancy in the search results.

What is PageRank?

The algorithm, PageRank is a patented automated method that is implemented to regulate the search result and decide where a page appears in Google’s search engine result pages. Google does not rank a page only according to your search keywords. Rather it makes use of several other additional factors as well to decide the page ranking of a particular website.

PageRank Importance

We all know that getting listed at the top simply means better traffic to your website. The placement of keywords in your webpage plays an important role in how Google gets you in the search results. Including keywords in the page title are essential. The Google algorithm works by finding out the webpages that contain the keywords used by the people to search. The algorithm then assigns a rank to each webpage. The ranking is based on factors like how many times the keywords appear on the page etc.

The Google algorithm or PageRank assigns a rank to your webpage in every search result. The better the rank, the more is the visibility of your page. The content of your site is also vital here. High-quality content is better linked in searches. The algorithm considers inter-linking as well. You can boost your page’s ranking if a couple of high ranking website link back to your webpage. But, linking to many low-ranking pages degrades your ranking in turn.

Google algorithm also places the websites that are old towards the top in the search results than the newer pages. The strength of the domain name and the relevancy of specific keywords serve as other factors that help in better ranking. PageRank does not employ any human being to handpick a website for a specific search. It is the algorithm that does the job.

So far we have discussed the importance of the Google algorithm in search engine optimisation. I hope this post will help you get a better rank in search results in the future. Make use of the tips that can lead you to get ranked at the top in Google search engine result page.