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We are a team of proficient PPC managers and we know exactly the importance of the campaign for your business. We work every day without leave and always keep a hawk eye on your project. We refine and optimise our campaign on a regular basis and do not lose a chance to broaden your horizon and lowering the cost per click.

In the digital marketing, the key to the success is showing your presence to your customers round the clock. The purchase phase is very crucial for any organisation. We apprehend that PPC advertising can lead you at the top of the search engine in no time if you keep your eyes open. The biggest advantage of the PPC advertisement is that with a smart composition of campaign building and relevant search, your website can reach the place which you have always dreamed of.

We offer tailored services according to your budget and specific requirements. We are prominent in helping you to get the maximum quality score and eventually offer much cheaper bids for your customers. We construct an adequate structured campaign for you and allow you to pick our diversified services at the most genuine price.

What do we do exactly

  • Campaign Analysis

We keep on tracking your Click through Rate (CTR), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Conversion Rate etc. We check your quality score and current spend and then pinpoint the area where there is a need of improvement. If we feel that your existing campaign is good enough; we take over it for you with our additional services and expertise. Sometimes, we change the whole campaign and start afresh with a completely new and innovative campaign as per the requirements.

  • Keyword and AD Grouping

In order for a PPC campaign to be successful, a proper procedural build is necessary. We offer our clients the lowest CPC keywords bids with the help of the procedural CPC campaign. We aid our customers to attain relatively high-quality score through our perpetual keyword optimisation and Ad group process. We offer competitive market analysis, an internal analysis that leads to cost effectiveness and intensification of CTR and conversion rate.

  • Demographic and GEO targeting

Who doesn’t know the value of being in the right place and at the right time? We are the master in behavioural targeting techniques. We are always up to maximising your exposure in front of the appropriate audiences. We offer proficient PPC management without the discrimination of the scale of the geographical area. We often alter the budget as per the need among various scales of GEO target and assure the greatest advancement of your ad budget.

  • Creative Advertising

Creativity with innovation is the forte’ of our creative department. We understand the value of a compelling and relevant campaign. Our talented team members are affluent to design creative info-graphical compelling campaign for you. We provide high-quality creative advertising to enhance your score every time.

  • Regular Audit

We know that you are in the safe hand because we take our audit very seriously. We have designed an integrated approach towards our digital marketing strategy. We continuously optimise our campaign for you; check regularly the landing page, PPC, quality and relevancy of contents. We are updated about the functions and audience flow and do actions on call immediately.

  • Tracking and Testing

We are always there for your campaign, keep updating, and testing the results of PPC, flow of audiences etc. Our tracking team is always after adding new clients into your business and do prompt response for every click. We encourage customers to sign for your newsletter or filling in the form for data etc.

  • Management of Bid

Apart from tracking and testing, our team monitors the PPC campaign very closely. We believe in quality rather than in quantity, hence we always change keywords in accordance with the ranking of the keywords and alter the contents as per the modern discoveries and belief. We ensure a high average position of your campaign while maintaining the high cost per acquisition. However, we never compromise with the lowest possible CPC and keep on changing bids manually for you.

We are the king of the digital marketing and we are adamant to maintain our position with hard work and with the constant grooming of our services

PPC strategy is a long-term task that helps the SEO strategy for the longer term. Get the benefit of both the services simultaneously. We aim to provide a customer-oriented approach to PPC, so call us to discuss your business need. We are the guarantee to increase your revenue and conversation through our best optimisation strategies.

We believe in performances and results and with the strong mindset and superior strategies, we are always ready to nail it to your requirements with flying colours.

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