Social Media is the ingredient that connects you directly to your target audience

When it comes to online presence building the two critical factors that can make or break your plans are the social media management and advertisements. It is quite important for you to make use of the social channels and advertisements in an effective manner to get the desired results. We have the core expertise in making a fulfilling social media management plan and related advertisements for you to manage your online presence and enhance your conversions.

Social Media management strategy and planning

This is a vast area that covers a lot of things which must be aligned towards your business goals and we understand the ingredients that are the secret for creating the successful social media recipes. It is not confined towards posting the content with a definite frequency, but it is all about creating the content that deciphers the thoughts which have the capacity to influence the target audience. We have expertise in managing the nuances of social media management right from strategy building to implementing the plans.

Social Media Strategy Development

This is the core part of the online business strategy and shall be aligned to provide the best results; we help you in creating the strategies for social media management based on the business goals and objectives. This is carried out in four steps that are described below:

Current Situation Audit

This step lets us know about the current status of your brand on the social channels and helps us in charting the areas that we have to add or modify for improving the visibility on these social channels. This is the critical part in social media management as it is the phase where you decide on the possible channels that you shall use and chart the steps to move on these channels.

It is also helping in crafting the benchmarks that help in assessing the outcome of efforts made in implementing the social media management plan. The metrics collected at this stage helps in analysing the growth and improvement in the situation and helps in driving the inputs for making conversion oriented strategies.

Possible areas of improvement

We will list out the areas where we can improve for making an effective social media presence. This is the beginning of the execution of the social media strategy and planning. It includes all possible areas right from changing the profile picture to the creation of the banners for different channels that are designed to represent your brand or your business.

Preparing the Editorial and advertorial Calendars

The daily routine for the social media management and executions starts after developing the editorial and advertorial calendars. These are the basic framework for setting the frequency of posting contents as well as making content development plan that goes in accordance with the business goals and the possible sentiments that connect you with the target audience.

A perfect calendar plays an important role in establishing your brand as a thought leader in the concerned areas of business and influences the others for promoting your brand. This step is quite crucial for developing the perfect advertising campaigns for your site.   

Review and analysis

After executing the calendars, we take periodic reviews to analyse the outcome of the efforts and we are reviewing the various metric and analysing these with respect to the business and conversion goals. This step is important for developing the forthcoming plans and making modifications in the current plans. It also gives insights about the possible areas of improvement and the trigger points that lead to conversion.

Modifications and changes

Alike any other strategies and plans the step of modifications and changes applies to the social media management planning and strategy as well. This is very much essential to creating the plans as per the demands and the analytics that we have received from previous executions.


There are several types of online advertisements that can be used for enhancing the conversion and creating positive sentiment about your business. As discussed above the advertisements for social media are made in accordance with the advertorial calendar that is prepared as per the social media management strategy and planning.

There are various forms of advertisements that are widely used in social media promotions right from the simple images, cinema-graphs to 2d/3d animated videos, infographics, and banners. In addition, the landing pages are also used as advertisements.

We have got the expertise in creating the advertorial calendar that gives you the fine mix of different types of advertisements that range from the simple text-based ads to banners and videos as per requirements. We are creating the online advertising campaigns in accordance with the business goals and needs so it keeps on pitching your ideas to the target audience in context with the content placed for social media optimisation. It helps you in getting the best results from the advertisements.

Step by step

  • Plan

This is the summary of everything we plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks.We will audit where your business is today, goals for where you want to be, and all the tools you want to use to get there. Your objectives are our objectives, whether you require increased visits to your site or a deeper brand engagement to ultimately drive sales, we will evaluate and set goals to get you there.

  • Demographic & Geo Targeting

It has to be about more than just instinct. We employ demographic and geo testing analytical tools that clearly define your market segments size, reach and potential. We then tailor this information into the right content to reach the right people, to get the results we have set out to achieve.

  • Advertising and Creating

Based on our consumer insights, we look to develop creative that targets the relevant demographics to your brand. We look to produce content that achieves results and ultimately helps build your brand.

  • Build

Based on strong strategy and planning, it’s time to take it live. We implement solid campaigns that are aligned closely with the demographics, psychographics, social habits and lifestyles of your brand’s target market in order to achieve results.

  • Tracking and Testing

We don’t set and forget, we closely monitor the performance of your social campaign across all platforms ensuring it is performing at an optimal level. Your success is our success, if there is room for your social media campaign to improve, our trained team is onto it, making sure your campaign is always up to date and relevant, ensuring that the best possible results are achieved for your brand.

  • Bid Management

Using our suite of tools, we will maximise clicks and work to your budget, driving cost efficient campaigns that perform. Our software will ensure the optimal conversion rate essentially leading to profit maximisation.

  • Reporting

Reports are client friendly and designed to make sure we are speaking your language. We provide regular performance reports -, without the technical jargon, and a dedicated account manager to explain every step. You will be onboard with how your campaign is performing, be able to compare it to previous periods and make strategic decisions based on the information presented to you.

If you are looking to boost your social media presence, look no further, we will create a solid social media strategy aligned to your business goals, so you can get a higher engagement with your audience and greater returns on your investment.

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